The need for an eight-team playoff in college football

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, or better known as the NCAA, must figure out how to expand the College Football Playoff for the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) from four teams to eight teams without destroying the true reasoning as to why bowl games take place.  Bowl games were created simply to generate tourism in the early years of college football.  Nevertheless, the competitive nature of mankind must always know who is number one in everything.

After the College Football Playoff was expanded to four teams, there really was not too much controversy over a team being left out.  However, there are three teams that have legitimate gripes for not receiving the #4 spot in the playoff.  This season, #3 Notre Dame (12-0) will face #2 Clemson (13-0) and #1 Alabama (13-0) will face #4 Oklahoma (12-1) on Saturday, December 29 in order to determine who will play for the championship on Monday, January 7, 2019.

All four teams currently in the playoff have all earned their spot with their good play on the field.  Nevertheless, here are the the other three teams that are fuming that they did not make the playoff.

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1. Georgia Bulldogs (11-2).  Although Georgia blew a 14-point second half lead in the SEC Championship Game to Alabama last week, the Bulldogs’ losses came to teams that were ranked in the top ten at the time of those games (LSU & Alabama).  However, in their eleven wins, they won those games by 14 points or more.  This type of consistent dominance shows that they would do well in a playoff format.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (12-1).  This team only lost one game despite of the Zach Smith scandal.  The Buckeyes proved that they are deserving because they won the Big Ten Championship even though a cloud of mess was over their program the entire season.

3. UCF Golden Knights (13-0).  The Golden Knights have been undefeated for the past two seasons.  UCF has proven that last season was not a fluke by going undefeated once again so far this season.

To end all the bickering, I propose that the NCAA expands the College Football Playoff to eight games.  If you agree, then you can sign my petition to expand the playoff field from four to eight.  The petition will open up in a new tab.  Please sign and enjoy all of the bowl games over the holidays!

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