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Swans hold on to defeat the Crows


For the past week, I have been scouring for sports that are being played during this coronavirus outbreak.  All of the major sports have postponed their matches due to the highly contagious Covid-19.  However, there are a few sports that have decided to continue on in arenas without any audiences.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) continued on with the UFC in Brasilia last Saturday on the 14th.  However, two of the fighters obtained coronavirus symptoms even though there were in an empty arena.  That led to the UFC being postponed.  Nevertheless, Cage Warriors staged their 113th event in Manchester, England Friday night.

Sumo wrestling has been on for the past couple of weeks in an empty arena in Osaka, Japan.  However, I needed some more sports.  

Well, the Australian rules Football League (AFL) started back up again this weekend.  The game was invented in the 1850’s.  The aim is to pass the ball around by either kicking the ball or punching the ball to a teammate.  Once a player is close to goal, then an attempt is made to kick the ball through the four goal posts.  If the ball goes through the middle two posts, then the team receives six points.  If it goes through the outside posts, then the team receives one point.  The main reason why I watch these games is because when a team scores six points, the referee points with both fingers like Quick Draw McGraw or like the bartender from “The Love Boat.”

The above video shows highlights between the Adelaide Crows and the Sydney Swans played in Adelaide.  After the first quarter, Adelaide built up a strong 36-18 lead.  However, the Swans no longer played like ugly ducklings in the second quarter and took a 51-43 lead at intermission.  Sydney continued their good run with a 70-56 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Sydney played keepaway for the final quarter, but prevent defense never works in any sport as the Crows began to pick at the lead.  However, the Swans were able to hold to a 74-71 victory.


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