Ronaldo and Messi Became Co Partner and Negative Record in World Cup

Kazan: Christopher Ronaldo and Lionel Messi became Co Partner of the World Cup’s negative record. Both players offer great games from their clubs Barcelona and Real Madrid and Over the last decade, both have won the Ballon D, OR Award. Their teams in the One World Cup went out of the pre-quarter final stage last week.

Messi has been round 756 minutes in the World Cup in knock-out match’s since he goal. He did not even reach the ball for one time for defeat in the team 3-4 against France.

Similarly Ronaldo also did not score against Uruguay. He scored the final goal 514 minutes ago in the World Cup Knock out phase. Messi has not yet scored 8 in the deciding round and Ronaldo 6 matches.


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  1. This is why many clubs have a rule that once can only have a limited number of imported players. One watches a team like Liverpool and most of the players don’t come from Liverpool. They don’t come from England.

    When it is time to pick an English team…?

  2. I’ve said it many times myself. A club searches for the best players and tries to match them. When one has to play for their country a lot of doors slam.

    If this was ancient days and all the players played for their country in clubs in their country and knew each other, things would go smoother. But, ….


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