NFL Draft 2020 Review: Indianapolis Colts

Last season, the Indianapolis Colts were picked as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl until QB Andrew Luck unexpectedly retired.  The Colts still brought maximum effort throughout the season, but they ended up 7-9 and they missed the NFL Playoffs.  This season, Indianapolis will be a contender once again after signing QB Philip Rivers in free agency.  Plus, they have also added new players via the NFL Draft.  Let’s take a look at who they picked.

Round 2, Pick 2:  Michael Pittman – WR – USC (6’4″, 223 lbs).  The Colts added a tall receiver that they needed to help open up the field for the speedy receivers that they already have on the team.  Pittman will see plenty of time on offense.

Round 2, Pick 9:  Johnathan Taylor – RB – Wisconsin (5’10”, 226 lbs).  Taylor will add a nice one-two punch to the running game along with starting RB Marlon Mack.  Taylor was one of the most prolific running backs in college football history after rushing for 2,000 yards in back-to-back seasons.  This stat is even more remarkable due to the emphasis on passing being the current trend in football.

Round 3, PIck 21:  Julian Blackmon – S – Utah (6’0″, 187 lbs).  Blackmon is a versatile safety that should see some time at strong safety because he is strong against the run and is able to cover tight ends and slot receivers.

Round 4, Pick 16:  Jacob Eason – QB – Washington (6’6″, 231 lbs).  Fortunately, Eason was picked by a team that does not need a starting quarterback because he will need time to develop.

Round 5, Pick 3:  Danny Pinter – G – Ball State (6’4″, 306 lbs).  Pinter adds depth to an already strong offensive line.

Round 6, Pick 14:  Rob Windsor – DT – Penn State (6’4″, 290 lbs).  Windsor will be given a chance to make the team as a back-up defensive tackle.

Round 6, Pick 32:  Isaiah Rodgers – DB – Massachusetts (5’10”, 170 lbs).  Rodgers will compete for a return spot.

Round 6, Pick 33:  Dezmon Patton – WR – Washington State (6’4″, 225 lbs).  Did you notice the trend?  The Colts needed tall wide receivers.

Round 6, Pick 34:  Jordan Glasgow – LB – Michigan (6’1″, 226 lbs).  Glasgow will look to make the team as a back-up and on special teams.

Grade:  B+.  Pittman and Taylor are first-round talents that the Colts were able to pick up in the second round.


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  1. Let’s argue which Rivers shows up. Last year or earlier in his career?

    he has always been a gunslinger in the mode of HOFer Kelley.

    so, based on that this season could be lost, or playoffs. no middle ground for the Colts.

    • The Colts will be just fine. They went 7-9 with Jacoby Brissett at QB, who is a proven back-up. Plus, the AFC South is really not too good. The Colts should easily win the division while winning about 10 or 11 games because their defense is stout.

        • Houston will have issues after trading DeAndre Hopkins. Their wide receivers are injury-prone. The Texans are good, but they did not get better in regards to their offseason moves while Indy made moves that makes them a Super Bowl contender. Plus, losing that 20-point lead on the Chiefs will stall their momentum this season. Wait a minute – why even debate who will do better because the NFL season may be cancelled based upon this new spread of the coronavirus. Even Dana White is preparing for a second shutdown


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