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Myles Garrett & Mason Rudolph Brutal Fight! Helmet SHOT!


For a slight moment, the Cleveland Browns (4-6) were about to salvage their season in the waning seconds of their 21-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5).  With 12 seconds to play in the game, Steelers QB Mason Rudolph threw a screen pass to run the clock out.  However, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tackled Rudolph and ruthlessly took him to the ground.

Rudolph gets up an lets Garrett know that he did not appreciate that play because there was no way Garrett was going to obtain a sack.  Instead of walking away, Garrett takes Rudolph’s helmet off and hits Rudolph in the head with the helmet.  Rudolph had a “very shiny nose” after he was clocked with the helmet.  Garrett trained MMA in the offseason with UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic, but I did not think that he was going to use those skills in the NFL.  

More than likely, Garrett will be suspended plenty of games by the NFL commissioner.  His loss to the team ends all playoff hopes for the Browns because he is their leading pass rusher.


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