Jim Harbaugh is overrated

I will probably ruffle some feathers for this, but I could care less if I do! I am one who anticipated this too, but as far as the Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh; he is overrated, with a capital O. If I were someone part of the Michigan Wolverines franchise or alumni, I would feel as though I bought a brand new car, and got buyer’s remorse, because he has done nothing yet for the franchise. Not knocking Jim Harbaugh, he is a decent coach, but not the right coach to bring prestige back into the Michigan Wolverines program, and competitiveness to the rivalries with Ohio State and Michigan State.

Back in December 2014, I was one that was extremely excited when the job as head coach went to him, who was not? In my head, all I thought about was the Ohio State vs Michigan rivalry, and that the hiring of Jim Harbaugh would bring the rivalry alive again, but as of yet, he has not. From my view, he views Ohio State as another team, and I would not be surprised if he loses once again to Ohio State, because the fire is not there. Les Miles would have probably been the better hire for the program back in 2014, when the rumors were speculating, but the franchise may not have wanted anything to do with Les, after Louisiana State University fired him. I can think of a few reasons why Les Miles would have been the better fit for the program, and being born and raised in Ohio is just one; along with being an alumni graduate of University of Michigan, and a two-year letter-man under head coach Bo Schembechler. Les Miles, is also the more experienced on the college level as a coach, and has had more high-profile college football games than Jim Harbaugh.

As far as the Ohio State vs Michigan rivalry, it has been going since 1897, and it is now 2017! During these past two decades, Ohio State has dominated the Michigan Wolverines by winning 75% of their total meetings, since 1996. Since, Jim Harbaugh took the job as head coach in 2014; he has contributed to this long reign of dominance by Ohio State, and currently sits 0-2 against coach Urban Meyer and his Ohio State Buckeyes with losses in 2015, and 2016! In addition, Jim Harbaugh is 1-2 against his in-state rivals Michigan State and Coach Mark Dantonio. The rivalry against Michigan State is just as big as the rivalry with Ohio State, but it involves recruiting and in state bragging rights. What he has done so far, other coaches have done the same, if not more, so what good is Jim Harbaugh, if he can’t get the job done against his top rivals in the Big Ten.


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Written by Thomas Gouard

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    • I pissed a lot of Michigan fans off on Reddit with this, lol. Could have hit more views but I took it down off that site because they caught serious emotions, lol.

      When I did this writing it was pure let-down emotions. I almost did something similar on Wisconsin this year, but got sidetracked.

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