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I anticipated the Notre Dame vs. Miami Hurricanes game this weekend, after watching them beat down the Virginia Tech Hokies, but also because of the history between the two teams, and the turnover chain. Lately the Miami Hurricanes have been a hot team, since the program hired Mark Richt as the head coach. Mark Richt, who formerly coached the Georgia Bulldogs from 2001-2015 has the Miami Hurricanes headed to the Atlantic Coast Conference title game in December for a showdown with the Clemson Tigers, and possibly a position in the College Football Playoff this year, if they can get passed the Clemson Tigers in the title game.

After the unexpected beatdown on the Virginia Tech Hokies, I anticipated, and expected the game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to be explosive. The score ended up being 28 – 10, with the Miami Hurricanes winning in a dominating fashion. There were also shots of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez having a date night at the game as well, which made it even more exciting to see Alex Rodriguez wearing a turnover chain.


I absolutely love the turnover chain! It brings a new swag to the world of college football. The turnover chain is a gigantic gold chain that weighs 5.5 pounds and is 36 inches long with the Hurricanes logo on it, and is given to and worn by the player that forces a turnover in the game (Martinelli, “For The Win”). It brings excitement and anticipation for a turnover while watching the Miami Hurricanes. If you have not watched a Miami Hurricanes game, I recommend watching one to see the excitement within the team, when a turnover is forced and the chain is given out by one of the Hurricanes football staff.

As for the history, ESPN aired an episode on 30 for 30, which featured the story of the Catholics vs. Convicts, where Lou Holtz’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish went up against Jimmy Johnson’s Miami Hurricanes. This rivalry started after the built-up hype of Notre Dame vs. Miami, with the game being the determining factor of the National Championship in 1988. The two programs brought two different styles, with Notre Dame bringing tradition, and the Miami Hurricanes bringing swagger. However, the whole t-shirt slogan of the Catholics vs. Convicts came from two Notre Dame students and friends, Joe Frederick and Michael Caponigro, which ended up being noticed by the press and reported.


After a mention of the Catholics vs. Convicts history, which was unexpected by me the Miami Hurricanes dominated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish this year by defeating them 41-8. Nevertheless, one can only expect that they bring the same excitement in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game against the Clemson Tigers, which will be a very great football game.

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