Hakuho wins 44th Grand Sumo title


Since there have not been too many sports on over the past two weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic, sumo wrestling in Japan decided to not to postpone the March Grand Sumo event.  The 16-man round-robin tournament was held over the past 15 days in Osaka, Japan.  Whoever ends up with the best record wins the championship.  In the event of a tie, the wrestlers have an extra match to determine the winner.

The last match of the tournament turned out to be for the title between the two current yokozunas, or grand masters of sumo, Hakuho and Kakuryu.  Both wrestlers did what they were supposed to do leading up to this match as they were both 12-2 up to this point.  Hakuho was able to win the title with an inside grip throw.  

With this win, Hakuho has won his 44th Grand Sumo title in his career.  Although sumo wrestling has been around for more than 400 years along with the statistics, Hakuho has the most title wins in sumo wrestling history.  He is widely recognized as the best sumo wrestler ever.


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    • Yes, it is pretty good to watch. The matches are quick. In the USA, I get Japan’s NHK World channel, and they show the sumo tournaments every other month. The next one will be in May. Sumo has never been postponed for over 400 years.

    • Yeah, baseball was supposed to start this week, so I will be missing baseball soon. They show the sumo on NHK World so I was able to watch it there. I don’t know why they do not show Japanese League baseball games, but those are postponed as well


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