Fixing Old Gym Bras

Thursday, 8.12.21

I decided to wear my toe-separators with my Ugg boots, as I went on my errands. I checked Michaels first, and they didn’t have the “hooks & eyes” pieces. So, I drove across the street to Joanns, and they had some, silver and white colors. I chose the white ones. I browsed inside Wallmart afterwards, before returning home. I checked three old gym bras–two white and one beige, and I noticed only the hooks were broken. The old eye pieces are still on there, although rusted. I decided to leave it alone until they break off on their own. I need to handwash my beige gym bra, before I sew on needed hooks for all of them this weekend. 

It is often hard to find good gym bras. I wear what I have until it is really in bad shape and I can no longer wear it, before searching around for a good one. I probably will eventually go to all the department stores until I find a decend one. I noticed the new gym bras are crappy. The old ones were much better. 


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