Five Reasons Why Handball Is a Great Game

One of the first major sporting events of 2019, Men’s Handball World Championship, which is about to end at the moment I’m writing this post, allowed me to rediscover the greatness of this wonderful and quite underrated game when it is played at the highest possible level, so here are 5 reasons why I consider that handball deserves more attention not only in Europe, where it is relatively popular but also in the rest of the world:


1. It’s an extremely dynamic game, and it has much fewer boring moments compared to the most popular game on our planet, football.


2. The action can move very fast from one goal to another, whenever a team scores a goal it doesn’t have more than a few seconds to celebrate it because the opposing team can retaliate very fast.


3. It requires both technical prowess and physical qualities, as players have to be able to attack and defend almost equally well.


4. It also demands the ability to think super fast when attacking, as players aren’t allowed more than a few seconds to keep the ball in their hands, they have to decide quickly what they will do fast: pass the ball, try to penetrate the defense or shoot from that position.


5. Many games played at the highest level, in major competitions like the World Cup or the Champions League, are real thrillers because big teams are very close in value, you never know who’s going to win until the very last second of the game. The team which is about to win simply can’t relax in the last minutes of the game unless it has a huge advantage.

So these are only five reasons for which I appreciate more and more this spectacular and highly entertaining game, and I can only hope that, with the progress shown by countries like Brazil, Tunisia, and Egypt at the latest World Championship, it will grow in popularity across the globe, it certainly deserves it!

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