Cheltenham, crowds & great fun… oh, & the Gold Cup.

There are far too many scaremongers on the net following the lead of the media as they try to sensationalise every and any news story.

I ask, ‘Why can’t the media simply report facts without speculation and conjecture?’

If the public genuinely fears Covid19 they will stay away from mass gatherings themselves; it does not need a government to close venues and events.

This is the Cheltenham Gold Cup meeting today. An estimated  60,664 people like me enjoying the day’s entertainment.

Keep calm and carry on, or as I like to say, ‘Get a grip’.


What do you think?


Written by Paul White

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  1. i think the media is blamed regardless. If they report only facts and don’t give us options we complain. If they report options we complain.

    when the game is rock-throwing, it isn’t fair to put one of the people at the bottom of the well.


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