Belarus Premier League Week 5 Friday highlights

FC Belshina Bobruisk and Smolevichy-STI (FK Vigvam Smolevichy) fans will have to wait another week for a victory as the only two teams without wins in the Belarus Premier League played to a 1-1 draw earlier today at the Stadyen Spartak in Bobruisk.

Belshina appeared to have the victory sewed up when Sergei Glebko scored on a penalty kick in the 80th minute to go up 1-0.  All they had to was hold on for ten more minutes, but Belshina returned the favor and gave Smolevichy a penalty kick as well in the last minute of the match.  Evgeni Barsukov put the kick away in order to tie the match.  Both teams remain in the cellar of the Belarus Premier League.

Slutsk (FK Slutsksakhar) proved that they were focused as they took over first place in the Belarus Premier League with a 2-1 road victory against FC Shakhtyor Soligorsk.  Slutsk jumped out to a 2-0 lead at halftime when Mohammed Umar scored on some lackluster defense from Shakhtyor in extra time right before the end of the first half.

Although Slutsk had to play with ten men after defender Denis Obrazov picked up his second yellow card in the 51st minute, Shakhtyor was not able to capitalize on the man advantage until the 89th minute on a goal by Yury Kendysh.  Slutsk are first!  Slutsk are on top of the Belarus Premier League.  I need to let the Slutsk jokes go; I’m starting to sound corny like Greg Gutfeld.

#1 Belshina Bobruisk vs FC Smolevichi (1-1) goals 2020

Belshina are in the red jerseys, and Smolevichy are in the white jerseys.  In Russian, the letters I and Y are interchangeable.  I go with the Smolevichy spelling while this video goes with the Smolevichi spelling.  We are both right with the spelling.  For some strange reason, 271 people attended this match between the two bottom feeders of the Belarus Premier League.


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