Belarus Premier League 2020 Week 8 Saturday highlights

The Belarus Premier League brought us two scintillating matches on Saturday.  Actually, these games were only great because the only countries playing professional soccer now are Belarus, South Korea, and Nicaragua.  The professional league in South Korea is not fun to watch because all of the real good Korean players are signed to high-level European teams like Hueng-Min Son and Hwang-Hwee Chan.  Then, the games in Nicaragua don’t even make it to YouTube.

That leaves us with Belarus soccer this weekend.  Fortunately, the German Bundesliga is scheduled to be back next weekend.  I basically wrote all of this previous filler because the first match between FC Slavia Mozyr and Torpedo BelAZ (FC Torpedo Zhodino) ended up in a scoreless draw.  I am not posting highlights to a scoreless draw.  Torpedo moved up to second place, while Slavia moved up to eighth place in the standings.

However, the second match was fun because Ruh Brest (Rukh Brest FC) went hunting on the road and shot Bambi in a 4-2 victory over FC Neman Grodno (Grodno’s logo is a deer).  Ruh Brest jumped out to an early 1-0 lead in the 4th minute on a nice tactical give-and-go goal by Vladislav Vasiljev.  Grodno was caught slipping when they attempted to lure Ruh Brest into an offside trap, but Denis Grechihko remained offside for an open shot on goal to put Ruh Brest up two to nil in the 15th minute.

The score remained 2-0 until the second half when Ruh Brest was awarded a sketchy penalty kick in the 55th minute as the Ruh Brest attacker definitely took a dive, but the referee blew the whistle though.  The penalty kick put Ruh Brest up 3-0.  However, Gegam Kadimyan made the match respectable because he scored both of Neman Grodno’s goals.  Kadimyan is tied for having the most goals in the Belarus Premier League.  Nevertheless, Ruh Brest held on for the win.  Ruh Brest have moved up from 13th place to sixth place with the win, while Neman Grodno moves down to 14th place.


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