A former police officer opens a boxing gym for teens

Matt Tomasic who is a former police officer in Kansas City Missouri has decided to give back to his new community in Kansas City Kansas where he calls home now by purchasing a building what was once a church where Matt served as an altar boy before the church closed down for good several years ago.

Matt who is working along with Lalo Robles as his assistant to open up a boxing gymnasium in the same building that served as a church in the past.

Matt realizes that if teens could find a sport that teaches them confidence and respect like boxing since Matt figures that if he did not open up a boxing gymnasium for teens in Kansas City, the potential for teens who need a challenge to motivate them to do good things for his community, then the drug dealers would fill the void of playing the role model character to make easy money committing crimes.

What I like about the way Matt is thinking is that by opening up a boxing gym for teens in his hometown is that he is hoping that the gymnasium is successful enough to open up a sports complex gym that will include having an archery range and other kinds of sports as his way to cut down on crimes in his community since the old saying holds true “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.”

It would be nice to see more cities adopt sports gymnasiums around the world for teens of both genders to take up a sports that teaches them the concept of teamwork and confidence to take on the world as the teens come adults in the future instead of being in jails or in the graveyard.



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