2019 NFL Draft Review – Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills had to find an impact defensive tackle after Kyle Williams retired last season.  Although Oliver was drafted very high at #9, he actually dropped to the Bills.  He has the potential to make an impact immediately.

Buffalo also had to bolster their offensive line, and that was accomplished by picking Ford, who was an absolute steal as a second round pick.  He will have no problem holding his own in the trenches.  The Bills also drafted two tight ends in Knox and Sweeney to help chip on edge rushers and to help keep drives going as possession receivers.

The Bills look to add to their rushing depth around the edge by drafting outside linebackers Joseph and Johnson, Jr. in the later rounds.  Hopefully, they will be able to develop and to add to the edge rush rotation.

Singletary could become a critical part of the Bills offense as he will vie to be the backup RB.  Although he is 5’8″, he has the knack to gain yards after contact.  With him coming in off of the bench, he will be able to capitalize on tired defenses.

Jackson will have to fight for a spot in the secondary.  He is not afraid to mix it up near the line to help stop the run so he could play at strong safety or as a nickel back.

Grade:  By bolstering their depth, the Bills are looking to be more consistent next season.  All of these picks have definitely built up their depth.  I give them a C+.

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