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2019 NFL Draft Review – Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals made some noise in this draft by picking a first round quarterback for the second year in a row as the organization chooses to go in a different direction.

I guess the Cardinals became so tired of watching Russell Wilson beat their brains in that Arizona drafted a quarterback that is as close to Wilson as possible in Kyler Murray.  They are both under 6 feet tall, and they both played minor league baseball in college.  Murray’s ability to scramble and run for yardage is uncanny, but the Cardinals needed offensive line help.  Arizona did not draft an offensive lineman until the sixth round.

With a wide open offense and a new coach, wide receivers must be stockpiled.  Arizona picked three good receivers in Andy Isabella, Hakeem Butler, and KeeSean Johnson.  Isabella will be a slot receiver who has the type of speed to break one at any time.  With Butler’s height, he will be prime target in the red zone for the Cardinals.  Johnson is a versatile receiver that can line up on the edge or in the slot.  This type of offense focuses on misdirection.  With all of these receivers, the options are endless.

The secondary will be bolstered by the additions of Murphy and Johnson.  Murphy should start at corner and should be rather solid for the next decade.  Johnson adds depth at safety.

Grade:  Not addressing the offensive line earlier could haunt the Cardinals this upcoming season.  The grade is C-.

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