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2018-19 UEFA Nations League Group Stage Picks

UEFA has started a new league called the UEFA Nations League that begins this Thursday.  The Nations League was created by UEFA for the purpose of strengthening every soccer team in Europe.  There are four leagues that are separated into four groups based upon team rankings.  League A will be the strongest league in this competition.  The Nations League will be played every other year.

Whoever wins their group in Leagues B,C, and D will be promoted up to the next higher league, while the last-place teams in their group in Leagues A,B, and C will be relegated to the next lower league.  I will give you who I think will win every group.  Please let me know in the comments who you think will win each group.

League A

Group 1:  Germany.  France could still be feeling the effects after winning the World Cup.  The young German team should be fired up to win this group after not advancing to the Round of 16 at the World Cup.

Group 2:  Belgium.  Belgium is still the deepest team in Europe.

Group 3:  Italy.  Mario Balotelli is back on the Italian team.

Group 4:  Spain.  All three teams in this group (Croatia, England, Spain) have a good chance to win this group, but Spain will look to bounce back after being upset by Russia in the World Cup.

League B

Group 1:  Ukraine.  Having the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the same group should bring that rivalry to a crescendo.  However, that rivalry should help out Ukraine because both teams will be spent after playing against each other.

Group 2:  Turkey.  Turkey’s home-field advantage will create havoc upon their opponents.

Group 3:  Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Edin Dzeko will score plenty of goals in this group.

Group 4:  Wales.  Gareth Bale is back!

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League C

Group 1:  Scotland.  Scotland appears to be more experienced than Albania and Israel.

Group 2:  Greece.  This group will be between Greece and Hungary.  I picked Greece because they carry a very strong defense.

Group 3:  Norway.  Joshua King should have a field day in this group.

Group 4:  Serbia.  Why is Serbia in League C?

League D

Group 1:  Kazakhstan.  Over the past couple of years, Kazakhstan has improved.

Group 2:  Luxembourg.  Luxembourg will look to score plenty of goals in this group.

Group 3:  Kosovo.  Here is your sleeper team for the entire tournament.

Group 4:  Armenia.  Armenia has Henrikh Mkhitaryan.



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