What is the weirdest thing you've experienced?

Many years ago when I was travelling I was hungry and needed to kill time so I walked into a restaurant. When I walked in the hostess greeted me by name and asked if I was going to the bar, to which I said I was. At the bar I sat down and the bartender also greeted me by name and asked if I was having a Budweiser Lite which was my beer of choice.

While I sat there staring at the bubbles rising in the glass, several other employees came up to me and also greeted me by name and asking how I was. One server finally came up to me and said she’d be ready in a couple minutes then, after giving me a puzzled look said, “You’re not my husband!” Just then,  another guy walked in and sat at the bar next to me.

I looked at him and he looked back at me. We could have been staring into a mirror, we looked like identical twins! He was the server’s husband and his name was also Andre’. I was about 300 kilometers from home when this happened and had never been in that area before. That was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me.

So, what weird thing happened to you? Why don’t you share it below?

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  1. What a strange story, you probably felt like you were in a dream. I have one for you. My brother died in 2015. Four years ago. I sent him a text message the day before he died. Never heard from him until I found out he died. To this day, every day when I turn my phone on I get a notification that his (and it says his name) text was not delivered and tells me the amount of days (thousands now). I could go in and delete the message, I still have the message. But somehow I think maybe he is doing this, I know it sounds crazy, I probably am crazy but I choose to keep it. It brings a smile when I get these notifications.

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