The End of April 2019

Monday, 4.29.19

9 am. As I get ready for yoga class, I notice it is wet outside. I guess it must have rain last night or early this morning. I google the weather report for today, and it just says cloudy skies, and the sun might come out later in the afternoon. It also mentions thunder in some areas, which is not my area because the only noise I hear outside right now is a siren blaring, which quickly dissipated as the engine or police drove by. At almost 10 am, it appeared to have stopped raining. But I am left, feeling cold on this spring morning. It is the end of April, and I might just go to the grocery for certain items. I do have a lot to blog from the 4-day Spring Garden Show. 

I had noticed that it was cloudy all morning during the Spring Garden Show event, but the sun always came out later, and it hadn’t rained. So, I was expecting rain because of the cloudiness. It is just a part of spring to help flowers bloom more, and the greenery to spread all over…

I take it as an end of the month cleanse, after a month of meetups, all-day seminars, mall events, art events, self-publishing my 2nd novel, weird dream, and now the light rain morning cleanse. Maybe it is a time for me to rest, before I start a fresh new month with marketing for my 2nd novel, as I await my future adventures in May.


What do you think?


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