The Calm After the Storm

While we didn’t get a huge amount of snow, it coated everything in a blanket of white. Although you might not know just by looking, the pictures below are in color as opposed to not black and white. However, the landscape has practically been transformed into a black and white photo. Maybe if I look really close, I can pick out some browns and beige, but I don’t want to strain my eyes. While I suppose some blue skies would add a lovely contrast, the sun would quickly melt the snowy covering off all the trees. Sometimes, even cloudy skies can be beautiful.


What do you think?


Written by Chris B.

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  1. Stunning black and grey medley of winter pictures. You have had a lot of snow compared to us. We did get a few snowfall but then followed by icy rain and then rain and then melting. We have not had a good winter so far. I am sure that the skiers are disappointed here in Gatineau except for articifial snow.

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