Sunshine Break From 1 Week of Rain

Wednesday, 3.11.20

Today, I woke up to a beautiful sunny and warm day, a break from one week of rain prediction. I soon realized that Gumby is out of canned cat food and almost out of litter. As I drove into the Mother’s Market parking lot, I noticed it was very crowded with parked cars and other cars trying to find a space. So, I slowly moved around in circles until one becomes available. I don’t know why it was crowded on a Wednesday. I thought weekend had the busiest days. But I guess it was because of the nice weather, and there was restaurants and coffee shop nearby. I also got some vegan gummy vitamins and supplements for me. 

I turned on my iPhone to notice that Harvey Weinstein was convicted with sexual assault, and he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. 

I think I will go for a walk today. I want to enjoy this weather before it starts raining again. I think it will also rain on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

I added a snapshot from last weekend, where I was at the UTC, and this cute mallard duck walked by, probably was looking for food from people. These two young girls just took some snapshot. I need to start carrying birdseeds to feed wildlife seeking food at public places.


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