Serenity by the lake

I always love walking by the lake and sitting down on a bench to just think and admire the view. Sometimes when there aren’t many people out, there’s a serene calming atmosphere…you can just hear the waves of the lake (yes, Lake Ontario is huge and makes waves, like the sea). The best time to be out by the lake is close to sunset when the sky starts to show many pretty colours. 

Usually, in the distance, you’ll see people with their boats, some kitesurfers, and paddleboarders. There are also many birds, including seagulls, herons, ducks, and swans. 


What do you think?


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  1. You are blessed with this kind of life. I really love the lake, the sea, the river. The murmur of the water calms me. Unfortunately, I live far from the water, but I try to go on vacation to some such place. Otherwise, I was very young when I first heard about Ontario. I read strip about the Commander Mark, and wolves from Ontario. They were my favorite.

      • ,,Wolves from Ontario,, are the name for fighters who, together with commander Mark, fought in the war between France, and England in the
        18th century,1775.-1781. The main place of their resistance is the fort on Lake Ontario. That’s why Mark’s army is called ,,Wolves from Ontario,, Mark fought on the side of the French, because the Englishmen had killed his family. This comic was very popular, and I remember I was eagerly waiting for every new edition.

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