Serene swamp

Hello, everyone. Sorry I’ve been inactive lately, I’ve been very busy these past few weeks which is why I haven’t posted anything new, but I’m back now, and I have new posts to share!

So located just across our house and the irrigation is a huge vacant lot that has a lot of huge mango trees. Someone owns the lot obviously but for some reason, they didn’t erect houses in there, they just planted lots of mango trees and somehow I’m thankful for it because we’ve been blessed with such a serene view like the following pictures below.


This is one of the pictures I took of that wide vacant lot that was filled with mango trees. For some reason, the lot was flooded so it looked more like a mangrove farm because the trees were partially submerged.

Quiet and peaceful

In this particular shot, you can clearly see the irrigation and the bank separating it from the lot. The irrigation had a lot of water as well that day, it almost reaches over the swampy lot. But despite all this, it really looked quiet and peaceful.


I didn't go over to the vacant lot, but I zoomed my camera to take a better shot of it. Int his picture, you can see the most prominent mango tree, partially submerged to the mangrove looking lot.

Serene swamp

And this is what it really looks like from my actual point of view. I call it a serene swamp because the lot was so flooded that it looked like a swamp, and a very peaceful looking one too.

Cloudy sky

A bonus pic, which is a picture of the sky that day. It was very bright and cloudy and it perfectly captures the essence of a country life.

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