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Selling Alexandrite Gems Could Get You Killed

Not because it contained some mysterious poison, but, during The Russian Empress Catherine’s reign, on discovering these Alexandrite gems were being sold to other countries, she was said to have put to death, the dealers who dared sell the Royal gem outside of the Royal Family. This is why the Russian Alexandrite gems were rarely found on the market. Now, however, many pieces from the original Royal collection have in the hands of collectors.

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It is no easy task, buying Alexandrite Jewellery, simply because, finding an authentic gem is very pricey and very rare. Many imitations of this rare eye-catching stone can be found.  Identifying a genuine Alexandrite requires knowledge and skill.

If you should ever want to feel like Royalty, you should invest in some genuine Alexandrite stones.


This remarkable stone was originally discovered in the Ural mountains of Russia and was named after Tzar Alexander. It is a strange coincidence that the stone was discovered at the same time as the youthful Alexander’s  ascension to the throne.

Alexandrite is found in Green and Red which were also the colors of the Russian Royal family in the 18th century. This captivating gem has color-changing abilities and takes on a Greenish-Blue shade in daylight and a Reddish- purple color under artificial light.


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