Save every drop with EveryDrop- Yo- water is precious

I never knew that there are products that save you from watering your plants frequently but some of them need far lesser watering or even lessen water absorption up to 3-50%.

Products like Every Drop soil wetter from Scotts that covers an area of around 500 square meters each bag are good for your lawns, pots, garden beds etc.

The soil wetter is certainly a great way of water retention and reducing run-off, keeping your plants healthy and reducing maintenance cost as the slow release of fertilizer reduces the wastage or unnecessary mixing into the top-soil.

The soil gets everything in a perfect ratio it needs as its advance granular technology makes sure that everything goes as the soil needs for keeping healthy.

So you can use it once and forget your worries of lawn care and mixing different ingredient for almost 6 months after using Scotts Every Drop.


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Written by Suny Ag

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