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Rose affects the atmosphere in our home

The Queen of Flowers – the rose, is the brightest representative of the zodiac sign Leo. Under this sign, the rose is above all because of its magnificent colors and its love for the bright light. In miniature room roses, the element of fire is also in the colors that govern the Sun, and in the sharp spines that govern Mars.

The rose has a strong, male character. The fire, the man’s beginning in astrology, is above all activity. A rose at home is a silent engine that powers the atmosphere around you with active energy. It is good to have a rose where people are lively, passive, dreaming more about rest, who in every way strive to escape from any job. The rose embraces within itself the lethal energy of lightness and turns it into creative.

In a home where rose grows, the atmosphere itself forces people to get out of the couch and do something. The stems of the rose are joined by Saturn and Mars. Saturn manages the stems of all plants, and Mars lives in the thorns. Saturn is a planet – a dictator, a legislator, and Mars is an aggressor. The rose is useful where people try to force their own laws, where one’s family’s desire to order in the home causes quarrels, violent scandals.

If your home lives or often resides people who want to subordinate all, plant a miniature rose variety in a pot. This fascinating plant of a male nature will neutralize the energy of the aggressive dictator, gushed by man into the surrounding atmosphere. The rose will not allow this energy to cause sudden pain or worsening the self-esteem of everyone else in the home.


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