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Red squirrel

Red squirrel.

How she just sat on the branch : ) Cute creature : )

But otherwise small omnivorous rodent.

The long tail helps the squirrel to keep balance while jumping from a branch to a branch.

Red squirrel has sharp claws and that helped her climb trees.

There are bundles of hairs in the ears.

Coat in summer is thinner and lighter, and in winter it is thicker and darker.

The coat of the abdomen, however, always remains white.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. What a great picture taking feat of a beautiful little squirrel. I do no think we have these in Canada, at least none that I have ever seen. We have the black and grey squirrels. but they do not have tufts on the ears. This little tyke is so cute to see.

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