Plants can talk, feel pain, smile and cry too

Beautiful flowers, green trees and delicate plants in colorfulness are not only colorful but also attractive and how it is possible that, flower, plants , trees that absorb dangerous gases and have got no feeling.

The study revealed in the ‘University of Wisconsin Medicine’ located in Madison, even if the plants are threatened by animals, they immediately notice other parts. There is a complete nervous system in animal for this job, but in plants the same work is done without nervous system. Scientists believe that the plants are sensitive like humans and animals, they are also smiling and crying, and feeling pain. They also talk and feel positive and negative.

According to research, when a worm leaves or stems attack, so there is a type of molecule discharge from this place that also warns the other parts of the plant, after which the defense system dynamics in other parts of the plant become alert.

Scientists used fluorescent proteins to observe this amazing process, in which the signals can be seen exit from this part of the plant, On which a worm has attacked. These signals can be seen by going to other parts of the plant.

Scientists say there is an electrical charge when harming any part of the plant, the further research is in process that from which part of the plant discharge the electrical charge.

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