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Pasiflora (lat. Passiflora incarnata) also known as the Christ’s crown

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Pasiflora is a herbaceous swimmer up to nine meters long with distinctive flowers of 3-8 centimeters in diameter. The leaves on the thin stem are arranged alternately, they are deeply divided, and two nectarial glands are found on the leafy stumps. The flowers and the decorative and medicinal plants have paleontoric petals in which the filthy rose to the purple parts of the crown grows, so the petals seem to be two-headed. The plant bloom May-July, and the fruit is the size of the hen’s egg and edible. Pasiflora thrive in many areas of the world, and it is self-settled in the eastern and southern parts of North America.For medicinal purposes, the whole overhead part of the plant containing flavonoids, essential oil, phenolic acids, coumarin and small amounts of indole alkaloids is used. The above-ground parts of the plant are harvested before the end of the year.

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Pasiflora received in the natural medicine the name of the plant that brings sleep and calms, and its beneficial effect on the body has been recognized by modern medicine.The greatest emphasis is on its role as a reliable sedative that does not show any adverse side effects when taken and does not cause addiction.Pasiflore tincture, produced in strict and controlled conditions, contains the highest quality medicinal properties of this plant that are absorbed in the body quickly and without harmful side effects.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak