Native Americans jobbed by Bayer and Monsanto

Last month, Bayer and Monsanto agreed to a settlement with different cities and municipalities throughout the United States of America to the tune of millions of dollars.  However, the only town that was excluded from the settlement was Akwesane, NY.  Akwasane is the home to the St. Regis Mohawks, the tribe of Mohawks that reside in Franklin County, NY adjacent to the Mohawk tribes that live in Quebec.

For decades, Monsanto has dumped polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in rivers that flow through their reservation.  Polychlorinated biphenyls were banned by the US Environmental Protection Agency during the 1970’s because of their high toxicity and because it takes PCBs 25 years before dissolving in water.

Even though the Mohawk tribe filed their lawsuit back in November 2018, 19 months before the settlement, Bayer and Monsanto has been delaying their litigation because these corporations think that Native Americans do not deserve to be compensated for obtaining cancer due to their toxic chemicals.  Devaluing of Native Americans has been going on for centuries, so that needs to stop now.  Now, the case is in litigation limbo.

To see the quote from the Mohawk tribal chief, then click here.  


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