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My Quest for Pure Water Will Never End

One day, while I was doing a short hike of exploration of the natural beauties from the area where I lived, I came across a fountain in the middle of the path I was following, and besides the thirst for knowledge I usually experience whenever I go on such small, but exciting trips, I also felt real thirst at the thought of drinking some pure, fresh water coming from the depths of that well.

Unfortunately, when I arrived right next to the fountain I realized that it was covered as the lid was on and it couldn’t be taken away. I supposed that the well had been dry for a while; it had probably been a precious source of water for the people living in its proximity for a long time, but it appeared that its job was over. Thankfully, it wasn’t a hot summer day, so the lack of the highly anticipated fresh mountain water hasn’t affected me that much. After a couple of snapshots taken next to the fountain, I continued my journey in search for more exciting sights and sounds and, why not, for another fountain with pure crystal water. I haven’t found it on that occasion, but my search is far from over.

As a matter of fact, I think of every day as a new voyage, a new quest for a spring of purity, freshness, and joy in the midst of the often troubled waters of everyday life. Will I ever find what I’m looking for? I have no idea yet, but I know that as long as my voyage in life goes on, there are still lots of fountains to discover, so I think I will have plenty of chances to find that pure water I’m still looking for!


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