Moon During the Day

Hi guys,

Many of you know, I love taking pictures of the moon.  This past full moon I was up in time to take a few photos of the moon before in disappeared into the day light.  It was foggy when I took these photos.  This picture was the best one.

I know you can hardly see the moon, but I liked how the sky looked.and wanted to share this photo with all of you.

Do you like taking photos of the full moon?

Do you like taking photos of the sky?



What do you think?


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  1. Unlike you, I am in love with the sunsets! But as I don’t have professional camera and the photos taken with an ordinary phone are not as good because the colours change, I just sit somewhere and enjoy it!! Ohh I just love this part of the day!!
    Great post thought! The moon is so lovely! 😀


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