Monsanto settles with District of Columbia

The agricultural giant Monsanto has agreed to settle out of court with the District of Columbia.  Back in May of this year, DC filed a lawsuit against Monsanto due to them dumping a known banned chemical into the tributaries and the waterways of the District of Columbia over the past 40 years.  That may explain why the politicians may have been a little off over the years.

The name of the chemical is polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).  PCBs was used in the past as a coolant for transformers and heavy office equipment.  However, the chemical is so toxic that it was banned in the 1970’s because the half-life of PCB’s is over 20 years.  That means that it takes over 20 years for PCBs to fully dissolve in water.

The amount that was agreed to in the settlement is $52 million (USD).  Other cities, towns, districts, counties, and states are currently in litigation with Monsanto over this same scenario of dumping PCBs into their waterways.  These issues with Monsanto of dumping chemicals everywhere for decades make the Bayer acquisition the worst business transaction of the 21st century.

Monsanto is still dealing with settling thousands of cases with RoundUp causing cancer in its consumers along with cases from farmers whose crops have been destroyed by another herbicide called dicamba.  Basically, Monsanto has been poisoning people for almost a century because their chemicals DDT and Agent Orange were banned after World War II and the Vietnam War, respectively.  

It has been two years since Bayer bought Monsanto, but these two muppets from St. Louis finally figured out that Bayer made a horrible business transaction when everyone knew that investing in Monsanto was a disaster waiting to happen.  Duh!  Click here to check out their video.


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