Lost For Words

Have you ever been asked a question that you know the answer to, but found yourself unable to recall the correct words. It’s a feeling that we are all familiar with, and it turns out that it actually has a name. It is known as Lethologica , or the tip of the tongue phenomenon.

Lethologica can be defined as a psychological disorder of not being able to retrieve a word from memory. People who suffer from Lethologica may be able to remember some aspect of the word such as the first letter, the number of syllables that it contains or an alternative for the word,  and can often recognize the word if someone says it or show it to them.

According to researchers, 90 % of speakers of different languages from all over the world experience moments where word retrieval appears momentarily inaccessible. These moments occur quite often and this frequency becomes more severe  with age.


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Written by houda

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