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Let’s debunk flat-earthers

Why in the world do so many people believe that the Earth is flat even though this planet has been proven to be round hundreds of years ago?  Here are some easy ways to debunk that the earth is flat without getting too scientific.

1. The Earth could not support life if it was flat.  If the Earth was flat, then the Earth would be a two-dimensional plane.  However, people, places, and things that are above the Earth are three-dimensional.  There is no way a two-dimensional plane would be able to sustain three-dimensional beings as ourselves.  Three-dimensional beings must be supported by a three-dimensional Earth.  If the Earth was flat, then you would not be able to read this post because you would not be alive.

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2. The Earth is surrounded by an atmosphere.  All around the Earth is an atmosphere that contains the air that we all are breathing at this moment.  Notice the suffix -sphere in the word atmosphere.  The suffix -sphere means circle.  The air surrounding the Earth would have to be in a circular fashion because the Earth also is a circle.  If the Earth was flat, then there would not be an atmosphere.  Also, you would not be able to read this post because you would not be alive.

3. All invisible things would be visible if the earth was flat.  The reason why you cannot see something that is invisible like something that is paranormal because supernatural beings operate in a four-dimensional realm:  length, width, depth, and height.  This dimension would have to be one more dimension than Earth.  That means that Earth would have to be three-dimensional.  If the Earth was a two-dimensional flat surface, then invisible beings would only be three-dimensional instead of four-dimensional.  If the Earth was flat, then we would all be able to see everything.

4. There would not be magnetic poles if the earth was flat.  When you were a child in science class, then the science teacher should have taught you about magnets.  Magnets have a positive and a negative polarity.  Every magnet that I have seen is three-dimensional.  There’s no such thing as a two-dimensional magnet.

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    • If that was the case, then everyone’s favorite dish would be turtle soup because the elephants crushed that tortoise. Go Terps! The earth would have to be concave so that we would be able to look at the expanse that is above us every day and every night.


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