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Last night’s sunset

Missouri has the most beautiful sunsets!! It’s so amazing how God can create such beauty!! It looked like the sky was on fire and that Jesus should have been coming down from above!!

I haven’t always been a strong believer in The Lord. I, as well as many, had my trials and tribulations throughout my life.  My mother met a wonderful man that was (is) a Christian and my mother became a Christian as well. They, together, would talk to me about Christ and I would always tell them to stop pressuring me. Well, long story short and without getting into too much detail, God literally saved my life!! With that, I gave my life to The Lord and became a Christian and was born again!! I may not be perfect and I have my faults but I try my hardest to do what is right in The Lords eyes. I’m not a hardcore Christian but I am a true believer and love God with all that I am!!


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Written by Jennifer Falbo