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Jasper is known as “top nursing”….

The dash is a red to red-brown calcedon variety. The dash is made of brick red to red, brown, green, blue, yellow, black, often streaky, opaque, waxy shine. It appears in pieces of different sizes.

He nurtures and supports in periods of stress and brings peace and fulfillment. When used in healing, it combines all aspects of your life. Each color of jasper corresponds to a particular chakra. This stone makes it easier for shamanistic journeys and dreams. Provides protection and draws energy and body. It absorbs negative energy and reconciles chakras and aura. Jaspis brings yin and yang in balance and harmonises the physical, emotional and mental body with the etheric domain. Purifies electromagnetic and ecological pollution, including radiation and helps in horticulture.

It should be used over long periods, since jasper is working slowly. A large piece of brown jasper should be placed somewhere in the room to absorb negative energy.


The Dalmatian Jasper cleans and fills the energy of Auro. It also improves the state of the internal organs. Jasmine Dalmatian is a stone that enhances loyalty to the family, reveals true and false friends. Encourages teamwork in a rival environment. It is great for everyone who works directly with animals, especially for veterinarians.

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