It's Simply Honey

I had never given much thought to the whole process of how bees made honey. I had seen honeycombs and that was about the extent of my knowledge. I was comfortable with that until a grandson asked me how honey was made.

So this is what I learned, which was good enough to work for a six year old child. Bees have long  tongues that are tubes. The bee sucks the necter from the flower and it goes into what is reffered to as the crop. I think of the crop as a small little washing machine where  the nectar  sloshes about and mixes with enzymes. This causes a chemical reaction that allows for storage and longetivity. 

The bee returns to the hive and regurgitates the nector into anohter bees mouth and the process is repeated until it reaches a bee that can place it on the honeycomb.

I am not sure I needed that much information and my grandson said he sure hopes that bees brush their tongues clean. I don’t know if I will ever thing of honey the same again.


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