How Shani Mahadasha Effects the Career and Personal Life?

Saturn or Shani is the second largest planet in the solar system. Shani judges every action and wants us to be more persistent with our work. The planet Saturn is one of the most influential planets in the astrological and predictive world.

Shani Mahadasha is the period when Shani comes to ruling and teaches us some harsh lessons of life. Saturn runs for a reasonably extended period of 19 years. It makes us concentrate towards unfinished works. They both test patience of the native. It delays the good fruits of our hard work and labour. It rules through the zodiac sign of Capricorn and Aquarius (with co-ruler Rahu). Both signs also become active during the Shani Mahadasha. Shani represents structure, discipline, time management, organisation, stones, iron, coal, limitations, longevity and much more. This ruling planet is the judge of the nine planets. As a result, Saturn gives punishment so harshly to the people who are involved in the bad deeds such as unlawful, illicit and illegitimate activities. The world Saturn does not tolerate the injustice even to the little extent.

Effects of Shani Mahadasha – Saturn Mahadasha can give both positive and negative outcomes. But mostly it is a period of struggles, obstacles and afflictions. Shani Mahadasha can cause many problems in life. Even if Saturn is in its sign, but the wrong house could bring such fatal outcomes.

In personal life:

  1. This Dasha can make the native very cold, dry and isolated.
  2. Saturn is known to give importance. For this, people should check the 5th house of their children, seventh house of the sexuality, along with the 8th and 6th house.
  3. Saturn causes miscarriages during its dasha if it sits or looks at the 5th house and its lord.
  4. Saturn rules the intestine. It can cause intestinal problems like constipation and piles.
  5. This Dasha has been known to put people into jails, correction homes, de-addiction centers and hospitals.
  6. It can give diseases like paralysis, arthritis, gout, cold etc.
  7. It may cause hurdles and delay in marriage. As it is a planet of separation and isolation.
  8. This Dasha can lead to the fatal accident.

In career life:

According to Prashar debilitated Saturn in the 6th and 8th houses, there may be chances of robbery, theft, bank loans.

Saturn can frustrate a person. When aspected by Rahu, makes a person quite adamant about what he says and quarrelsome. It affects your career in the job.

An ill-placed Saturn during its dasha only provides low-level jobs such as of blacksmith, construction labour, mining labour and cleaner etc.

It will provide one hard and strenuous work without any appreciation or at low remuneration and with no authority.

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        • remember many years ago (40-50) Western culture believed that Vedas are shit. But it is not and now Western culture is also using knowledge inscribed in them. And this part is also a part of Vedas, as I know. So may be or may not it be true

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