Fast & Furious: Dicamba Drift


Hey, look!  Monsanto was just sued again.  This time, Monsanto was sued along with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by the National Family Farm Coalition, Center for Food Safety, Center for Biological Diversity, and the Pesticide Action Network North America.  The reason why Monsanto was sued by these activist groups is due to the chemical called dicamba.

Dicamba is a herbicide that was previously banned.  However, the EPA gave the OK to farmers to use the weed killing chemical once again in November of last year.  Dicamba is in the product manufactured by Monsanto named Xtendimax.  Monsanto claimed that the product kills weeds without harming any crops.

As harvest time nears, 2019 was to be the testing ground to see whether or not Xtendimax really works.  Unfortunately for all of the farmers in America, Xtendimax works too good.  The dicamba killed the weeds, but it destroyed all soybean and cotton seeds and crops that came in contact with the weed killer.  To make matters worse, the dicamba drifts to the nearest field whenever it is used.  Therefore, all of the farms in the same area of Xtendimax usage have lost millions of dollars this summer.

Does Monsanto make anything that actually works properly?  At the very least, Fast & Furious 9 can be called FF9:  Dicamba Drift.


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