Dealing With False Memory – 9

In Dina’s case, what ‘worked’ was that no one was talking to her. No one was trying to convince her of anything which would have activated the defence of  her false memory.

People were talking to each other, she was just there.  She heard what they said.  

One must understand that False Memory is a kind of defensive self brain washing.  It is often created by a ‘therapist’ who makes ridiculous assumptions as to the cause of the imaginary condition of the patient. 

If Dina’s therapist, who provoked the ‘memories’ of abuse,  had known that her father was unable to move at the time of the ‘abuse’  she would have had to find  some other ‘abuser’  or perhaps, a better   reason to explain whatever she decided Dina suffered from.

This is the danger of psycho-therapy.  

It is no magical cure, no revelation.  In many cases, the so called therapy consists of a set of fallacies forced into the mind of the patient.

That no other member of the patient’s  family or circle is consulted to verify,  the fact that no research is done confirms the valuelessness of such procedures.


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    • For the past 15 years or so, the proliferation of False Memory; usually provoked by a therapist who assumes all problems are rooted in some form of sexual abuse has made it rather lucrative for insurance companies and attorneys.

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