Dealing with False Memory – 13

From the age of 28 until 66,  Marcia believed that she had been molested as a child.  She was unsure of who, mother, father, sister, next door neighbour, etc.

This idea of having been molested was planted in her mind by a psycho-therapist, who knew nothing of her past.

Marcia had spent her life from 9 mos to 3 years with her Aunt, whom she thought was her mother. 

The reason for her confusion was evident.  It was not abuse or molestation, it was a confusion of identity.  

The therapist never asked the right questions, never knew Marcia’s history, so went for the easy;  

“there’s a lot of abuse going around, patient must have been abused”

diagnosis without the slightest hint of what really happened to Marcia.

This fallacy destroyed Marcia’s relationship with her family.

Had her mother been more open, had Marcia questioned, she would not have been led into the cave of False Memory.

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