Day After Rain

Saturday, 1.30.21

As I drove to the yoga meetup, I noticed very white mountains in the horizon. But these mountains appears closer than usual because I have never noticed them this vivid before. Since it has been raining for the past three days in my area, I am sure it has been snowing a lot in the mountains. Whoever lives in the mountains is having fun skiing, snowboarding, and building Snowman family. The snow-covered white mountains looked breathtaking. Too bad I couldn’t take a snapshot while driving. As I arrived at  my destination, which was only 5 miles, the snow-covered distant mountains disappeared. But just as lovely was the blue-green bare mountains and green trees. The ground was still a little wet, as I walked toward the yoga meetup. I noticed that under the small bridge was water in the trench. It was filling up from all the rain. I hope it fills up more and looks like a river. There were some ducks enjoying it. 

Woodbridge Village Community, where I often go on walking meetups

One of the manmade lakes at the Woodbridge Community…

Some of the white mountains can be seen in the below snapshot, behind trees…

Nature always looks nicer after rain. It looks fresh and clean, ready to explore again, hoping for an improved version…


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