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CV Preparation and 8 Destructive Errors

It is not possible to deny the importance of CV to achieve the job, but it is just like doing mistakes as you hit the axes on your feet before a race. Minor mistakes also make the Hiring Manager ready to throw the CV. Here is some devastating errors in the CV have been mentioned, which should be avoided.

Typing and grammar errors

Grammar and typing errors in the CV tell the thing to the Hiring Manager that you do not even care if once you make your CV look, then why will it waste time to read it?

Strange links

Never give links to your Twitter or Instagram account on the CV, except if they need a job, experts say that their personal social media accounts tend to be valuable for candidates and they include them in the CV. Which enhances the possibility of refusal.


Never add a lie to your CV, you can be caught, it’s going to embarrass you sometime or later. If you do not have an experience for any job then it is better to integrate this into the CV and expect good results.

Salary information

Some people also write their pay in CV, this information completely gives unnecessary and false messages. According to experts, you should never express your desired salary in CV, this document is for the professional experience and ability to express, the salary case can be raised during the interview.

Funny fonts


Do not choose a fancy  fonts for the CV, most people use fancy fonts to show the best of the CV, but they are difficult to read and the company’s management does not like such a CV.

Do not miss to mention the required ability or experience

It is clear that if you do not meet the quality you qualify, the CV will be in the basket, the hiring managers do not waste time on such a CV that can not meet the desired criteria, maybe you I am talented but your CV is unable to express your true strength and experience, which increases the risk of failure.


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