Currant – Medicine from nature


The delicious and curative currant is ripe in July. The most commonly used is red currant (Ribes rubrum), but the black (Ribes nigrum) is also widely used. The red currant has small, juicy berries, and sweet acidic taste. It contains carbon hydrates, fibers and proteins, and calories in the trace. It also has large amounts of carotene and that carotene is the reason for its red color. In addition, carotene in the body serves for the synthesis of vitamin A, which simultaneously protects the mucous membrane. It is enriched with vitamins B1, B2 and B6, niacin but also vitamins E and C.

Berries contain up to half of the daily vitamin C requirements, which is why it is recommended to people with vitamin deficiencies such as avitaminosis. Due to the high vitamin C concentration, this fruit is an extremely effective antioxidant in the prevention of various forms of cancer. It is also a good source of vitamin K.

Currant is good for people who have problems with appetite. It strengthens the body, it is good for bowel movement and it is perfect for recovery after surgery. All in all, currant is extremely healthy and if you able to consume it, then do that.

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