Creating a Universe – 2

The Chamber was flanked by intense microscopes to allow human eyes to see what was occuring;  Maybe something, maybe nothing.

Is this how it all began? thought some, while others expected failure and their pet theories confirmed.

Around The Chamber, on the ‘mezzanine’, shielded by two separate layers of plastiglass, were the geeks who responded to the Project with the word, ‘kewl’.

Behind them and another layer of shielding, are those who worked on the project; Doctors Bronz, Naryan, Caruso and Popov exchanged witticisms. On the other side of The Champer, the group of Cernac, Kwan, Temple, Singh and Banger waited.

Around The Chamber, which was lightless, people concerned with The Project waited, expecting the most pompous person present, Chairman of the Project, Professor Goober, to say: “Let there be light!”

Professor Goober’s wife, however, had warned him over breakfast:

“Listen to me, you pitiful excuse for a human being,

don’t you dare stand up in front of all those people

and say ‘Let there be Light!'”,

then went on to indicate many faults he did not know he possessed.

This was the reason activation delayed. Goober didn’t know what to say.

He really had planned to say:

“Let There Be Light!” in his deepest voice.

Plunging out of the darkness it would have a powerful effect and go into history books. But Thelma had said…

So he stood, in the darkness, (slight ‘black light’ preventing him from becoming disoriented), looking down to The Chamber trying to think of a good line.

What do you think?

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