Charoit – stone change….

Charoit is a stone of purple purple. It was discovered in 1947 and can be found only in Russia. This is a very effective stone. Charoit is placed under the pillow against bad dreams and insomnia. Also, the charite is used to purify negative energy in the body. He cleans the aura, releases the person from the fears and the influence of negative energy. Brings wisdom to everyday life. This stone balances the crown chakra. Carotte regulates high blood pressure and regulates energy in the body. Together with the amateur is very effective against fears. Charoit is very effective, especially if you suspect someone is bringing negative energy to your home.

As far as color is concerned, the magic is radiant with the warmth they carry with purple, the color of lavender and white color. Of course, shape and stone complement each other, and what makes it even more beautiful are “veins” for each possible sampling. These are irregular lines of a different color than a stone itself.The world learned about this marvelous stone only in 1978, and since then it has become very popular, especially among young people as a gift to its partner.


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Written by Branka Drobnjak