Brain Squish – 5

When certain diseases were cured, babies were vaccinated against those diseases.   Kids could not enter school unless they were vaccinated.  

There was no debate.  

If you wanted to take your kid and live in some cave, fine.  If you wanted to live among people and your kid attend school; vaccination.

When Polio was cured kids were vaccinated.  There was no choice.  You had a problem with it,  suck it up.

As more diseases were cured kids got their ‘shots’.

One day, a scammer, deciding to play the stupidity of the population came up with the flat earth theory that; ‘Vaccinations cause Autism’.

If he’d tried this crap in the 50s or 60s his life insurance would be payable; for in those days, people actually had the ability to do their own investigations, to [gasp] think for themselves.

In the 1950s or 1960s, maybe even as late as the 1970s an average person would think…

“Hmmm, Joey got that shot and he’s fine, so if he’s not autistic, this claim must be false.”

But Not in the 2000s!

Any rubbish published on the Internet has to be true and so parents deny their kids the MMR vaccination so they can get measles.

What do you think?

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