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Beginning of August 2019

Saturday, 8.3.19

My first days of August 2019 started out with a visit from a local lizard. He probably came in through the garage, maybe he moved in, or maybe he eventually left. I am not sure where he is now…

A blackout power outage occurred on Friday, August 2nd, from 6 pm to 11 pm. 

I continue to do some light walking in my neighborhood, during the evenings when the whether is cool but nice. This Saturday, August 3rd sunset looks nice of the community association park.

But during the daytime, I enjoy the colorful flowers in my path. From purple…

…dark pink…

…to red-orange and yellow….

This pink native plant looks cool…

I am back on the internet, decorating homes on Yoworld.

But I realize I need to work on my third novel…


What do you think?

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