Anthropology – 3

To study a culture one must go into the ‘field’, that is to the location where the Culture exists. It is not uncommon that an Anthropologist finds him or herself amongst people they don’t particularly admire and this makes the collection of data difficult.

They might find their practices repulsive, their behaviour shocking and their prejudices abhorrent. This makes the job very difficult.


One is to be objective, not carry their bag of bias into the field.

The Anthropologist must find something in the culture which is not repulsive.  Whether it is their humour, music, agricultural practices, there must something that  the Anthropologist can observe without disgust.

The point is  to observe, not interfere, learn, not teach. One can make no assumption. One listens to what the people say, but be aware they may lie or distract.

Make the assumption that someone is going to read your work and accept it as true, so work towards truth.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar